What is the Black Knight Satellite?

More footage from Russia of the mysterious “Black Knight” satellite dangerously close to the ISS. What exactly is this object? Is it an unmanned satellite, or an intelligently piloted craft? Some theorists claim that it’s been orbiting our planet for the past 13,000 years, but to be honest there is no proof of that. The […]

NASA Working On Propulsion System That Can Get Probes To Mars In 3 Days

We’ve achieved space exploration on an unimaginable scale compared to 100 years ago. But despite these advances, one thing is clear that a major setback going forward is the slowness of our space craft. Although we can accelerate particles to near the speed of light in a laboratory setting, our fastest vessels can barely get […]

Navy Engineer: I Saw Ancient Ruins, Aliens, And Top-Secret Bases In Antarctica!

On January 2nd, 2015 the editor of website earthfiles.com received a very unexpected letter from an alleged retired U.S.  Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer. The letter received recounts experiences where the anonymous Navy officer (refers to himself as “Brian”) recounts his bizarre and extraordinary experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica between the years 1983 to 1997. […]

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk plunges through atmosphere over Atlantic

The biggest fireball since the meteor that rocked Chelyabinsk in Russia has fallen over the Atlantic, Nasa has revealed. The event, which happened on February 6 at 13:55 GMT, seems to have gone unnoticed at the time as it burned up about 30km above the ocean, 620 miles off the Brazilian coast. The energy released […]

Strange “Troll” Creature Photographed in Rural Pennsylvania

Something weird is lurking in the snowy forests of Pennsylvania, and one woman claims to have captured evidence of it on camera. A woman named Polly took to Facebook a few days ago in order to post this photograph of a “sasquatch” that was snapped on her friend’s rural property. Like all great images of […]

Ancient burial ground? Mars Rover’s bizarre photo excites alien enthusiasts

  Alien hunters are hopeful that a photo snapped by the Mars Rover could show a stone coffin amid an ancient extraterrestrial burial ground on the red planet. Others attempts to read the picture resulted in observers “finding” a fallen statue amid the piles of stones. The photo, taken by the Mars Rover back in […]