Serial Spirits

Annie Weible – Co-Host

Annie “Weebs” Weible is a paranormal investigator, medium/empath, radio host, podcaster and vlogger with a decade of experience in chasing all things spooky. An unnaturally creepy kid at heart, Annie is a member of the YouTube series Resident Undead, host of RUWeebs Radio, and co-creator and director of Serial Spirits podcast. Through these media outlets, Weebs highlights paranormal activity, cryptids, true crime and unsolved mysteries, bringing all things hidden in the shadows out into the light. She has been featured on The Travel Channel on “The Dead Files” and “Most Terrifying Places in America.”

Brendan Shay – Co-Host

Brendan Shay is a Father, Electrician and Paranormal Investigator and Researcher. Shay has had over a decade of experience in the Paranormal Field both as an investigator and Radio Host and Researcher. Shay has always not only since a child enjoyed all things paranormal but all mysterious things. Shay is also A member of the YouTube series Resident Undead and volunteers saving historic buildings. His love for the mysterious has really fueled his love in crime stories as well as investigating crimes never fully solved. Shay has been featured on the Travel Channel, Destination America and Bio Channel.