Vision — What is Area 89?

The following was recorded today by Irene Allen-Block:

A strange thing happened to me in the middle of the night and it would not surprise me to have the men in black on my back after this.

I know I was in bed because I awoke after the first bit and then consciously wanting to know more found myself in a new scenario altogether, I am up at 4.25 in the morning writing this to see if any one can throw some light on it.

area_51-2The first scene I saw was as if I was watching a screen but that changed to being right there where this conversation was happening. 3 men in dark suits were talking, one was explaining to the others about the government seizing 2 sections of land. If the land was in the vicinity of a city /town then the voters in that place had to be more predominately far right. (Whatever that means.) Craft when ready from one section will be flown and stored at the other section. The whole thing is top secret and for some strange reason the fact that any people concerned or in these towns etc being far right was very important. Now comes the crunch and this name was used a few times in the conversation, section 2 would be known as area 89.

I woke here and took note of my feelings, A sensation on the top of my head felt as if my head was open, and as if there was swirling wavy vibrations going through it. I registered this in my mind then dismissed it wanting to get back to where I felt I had previously been and once again with that thought in my mind settled down.

Now I was in a place that was sunny and warm I could feel it. I saw what I can only describe as an outside arena/theater where people were sitting in tiers in one row above the other. These people looked some Asian some western all male in suits. Except for one man in a uniform,dark in colour and Chinese or Korean looking who was standing talking as if lecturing. This man talked about Great Britain and its involvement as if judging the UK’s actions. The conversation I cannot remember only that it was negative against the UK.

In both of these happenings I felt like an observer, I was there but could not be seen by those involved. The first was as if I was in that small group close enough if I wanted to touch one of them I could. The second as if I was one of those in the seats on the tiers watching the scene. Was I watching something from the past or something from the future I have no idea except to say it was all so real.

Now before I am told this was recall from something I saw or read during the day, I want to say my day was mothers day and the only thing on my mind in the recent days is the fact that my mother is fighting for her life in hospital.

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